The Season for Snow

Tis the Season for Snow.

Which, as you know,

Means a new season for drivers who can’t drive slow.

So, here’s a tip for those who want to avoid a pain in the hip,

because there will be less in their wallet stash, if one of those

fast drivers finds their ride and they collide.

On those last few days to find those perfect Christmas gifts

Find some of your friends and give each other lifts.

That means safer travel when ice and snow are on top of the gravel.

When you can get a good workout by walking to where you need to go,

Don’t forget your water bottle, or you might find yourself needing to eat some snow.

Dress in layers everytime you go out, and in colors so drivers can spot you out.

Yes, tis the season for snow, family and fun. Make sure to have some.

Make Your House a Temporary Fitness Gym

Because I live miles away from any type of fitness center, I have made our home my fitness place to a certain extent. I have learned how to keep my weight steady by burning enough calories around the house each day through exercise, housework, and just basic walking.

The main key is try not to stay seated too long. Remember to get up every hour and walk around for a little while. Play with the kids and the dogs and cats. I take care of our youngest son. So, with breakfast, clean-up time, school time, chore time, etc….there are plenty of things to keep me busy with him. He is a big help with the exercise routine.

Another routine I have started is to do dishes by hand. That routine works my shoulders, hands and arms. The only negative would be the strain on my back sometimes when I do it for too long.

The third item for the routine is laundry. We have two floors. So, the stairs come into play. I make it a point to go up and down those stairs at least 20 times a day. It feels good on the legs. Another part of this involves carrying laundry from each of the rooms, whether downstairs or upstairs. That is where more calories get burned.

The next part of the workout involves drying dishes and cooking. More calories get burned in the kitchen with all of that cabinet and stove work. Plus, its more workout time for the legs, shoulders and arms.

If a person really wants to get serious about turning a day of housework, chores, cleaning, cooking and other activities into a “day at the gym”, there are several websites that can be found that have calculated how many calories get burned for specific activities around the house. These are great tools for people wanting to keep track of those numbers. One that I located years ago is still around at

Most of the calculators are free to use on the web. However, the sites do want people to sign up for their programs. So, before using the calculator, check out the site to make certain it isn’t a purchase. I never had to buy anything from the websites that I visited.

So, as winter gets closer and snow and ice starts messing up driving for some on certain days……make your house the substitute gym.

It’s Time For a Little Kindness

The title to this brief write says it best. Yes, just like the song voiced by the late Glen Campbell, “Try a Little Kindness” fits for this week. Like the song says, if you see someone needing a little help, try a little kindness. You never know how far that kindness may travel.

It may be the opening of a door for someone whose hands are full. It may be giving up your space in line at the grocery store for someone walking with a cane. Maybe you left the house early for work and have more time than usual to get to work. This opens the door for a little kindness…like not rushing to work….giving other drivers a little space….not cutting out in front of any other drivers to get to work faster.

These are just a few examples of kindness. What about saying hello to someone today…even if you don’t even know them. How about saying hello to the people you work with everyday. When was the last time you said thank you to people who brought a delivery to you, or to the bus driver that takes your kids to school every weekday. What about the teachers and crossing guard people at your children’s school. These are just a few ways to show a little kindness on a daily basis to help put a few more smiles on people’s faces……and maybe get rid of a few frowns. Stay happy everyone.

Never Stop Walking

To this day I still remember some of my longest walks that I have ever taken. I love looking back at them. They are like mileposts as part of my life. They represent accomplishments, turning points and personal achievements.

One of the reasons they are an accomplishment is because they have now replaced my unhealthy years of cigarette smoking. Even though I walked and exercised while I was a smoker in my late teens, twenties, and early thirties, I didn’t truly benefit from my exercising until my lungs were clear again. Oh, it felt great to work out again as an adult free of coughing.

Walking as an activity came when the direction of my life was changing. I began walking quite a bit in school, and, even more in college. Walking became a daily occurrence in my summers as a teenager playing sports and working each day.

But, the minute I got a job that required me to sit at a desk, boom…….no more walking. Who knew? All I know, is that my lack of walking changed me in some ways. I wasn’t as happy or ready to start a new day. I seemed tired and lacking energy.

Years later, pounds later, and a job, or two, later, I started finding jobs without desks, again. My legs and my body said, “Thank You.” The walking got me back on my feet, back in shape, back in a better mood, and back to life. Whew, much better………….I’m walking……Yes, indeed, I’m walking, again. I am happy, again. I am in shape, again.

So….the next time someone tells you to take a hike. Tell them, Thank You, for thinking about my good health. Have a good one.

How Music Comforts a Tired Mind

When I was young, I lost my vision in my left eye. After it was gone, something interesting occurred to my other senses. Each of them became more sensitive to what was taking place around me. My hearing seemed to improve over time. And, with that improved hearing, came a better understanding of music. I could hear more clearly. Music became a major part of my life, because I would enjoy listening to it.

As decades have passed, I have learned how music can relax the mind. When I was in my thirties, I decided it was time to stop smoking. I knew that I would need every possible tool to stop. So, I used the nicotine gum, meditation, relaxation, music, and it worked over time.

In today’s world, whenever stress creeps into my life as it did in the 20th century, I return to those tools used to stop smoking. I get into a relaxing position, close my eyes, grab the earphones, and turn on the tunes that let me escape.

For every person, the type of music is different. For me, I listen to “happy” tunes. I want to reach that happy place. On one day I tell myself, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”…….its time to feel some…..”Good Vibrations”…… I go…..”Back Home Again”.

Then, on another day, it will be a day for sailing away to find a calm relaxing place. Natasha Bedingfield calls it a “Pocket Full of Sunshine.” On another day, music from country artists and R&B artists hit the spot.

This relaxation technique is also introducing me to other types of music for my library.  So, my suggestion to everyone who may feel a bit stressed or angry is to take a deep breath or two……turn on some tunes……and maybe it can help turn off the stress.

Friends: Don’t Leave Without Them.

Friends are like family and the people you work with on a daily basis.  They make up the thread that stitches together your long-term memories within your life.  Whenever you look back on your life, how often do you remember those friends, when you remember the good times that you had?  Are those friends still a part of your life today?  As I continue to get a little older, I look back in time and make attempts to keep in touch with some of my friends from the past.  But, just as important, I want to increase the number of friends that I have today.

For some, making new friendships are very difficult.  For others, they are very easy.  I see both examples in my kids.  While my oldest son tends to step back a little bit before introducing himself to everyone in the room.  My youngest son brings the room of people to him and makes it his audience.  Yes, he is the “story-teller”, and, he wants to tell that story to everyone in the room.

So, what are the benefits of making new friends?  Experts say that people who avoid others are short-changing themselves in the game of life.   They may have a family, and a spouse, and an extended family.  All of these are good.  But, according to the experts in sociology and psychology, humans need more outside inter-action between people who are not family. No matter how small this verbal interaction may be, it is still beneficial for humans.

I remember a previous time in my life where work and a need for money interfered with the number of friends I had around me at the time.  I had to work two jobs before I was married.   At one job, I worked by myself all night long at a radio station producing commercials and other recordings.  I would go home, sleep for eight hours, and then work another six hours at a grocery store in the evening before working at the station the next night.  I think what helped me the most was having the grocery store job in the evening, where I would be around people.    But, it was very difficult to have much of a social life. I eventually was promoted from the overnight shift at the station into the daytime and evening.  My sleep deprivation ended, my social life improved, and I didn’t need the second job anymore.  But, having that tough of a schedule and very little recreation left its mark on me.  I wouldn’t do it again.

Everyone needs rest and relaxation.  They need to feel recharged when they go back to work.  Having friends to help with the rest and relaxation gets people back to that important point of feeling recharged for the new week.   Other ways to recharge are through projects at home with family, games, reading, walking, meditating, enjoying music, enjoying the weather, or enjoying a hobby.  Take your pick.

Texting Isn’t the Same as Talking

Think before you speak.  I don’t remember the first time that phrase was told to me.  However, I imagine it was before my days in elementary school.  I had a big mouth that was always on.  My relatives were always trying to turn it off before I said something that would get me, or someone related to me, into hot water.

In today’s world of instant messaging, I feel a new phrase should go along with the first one……Think before you text.  I really don’t think most people truly understand the internet very well.   I am sure many have become professionals at the process, and are very good at managing internet relationships that could total in the hundreds.  But, I know of others who only use the internet for certain activities, like texting.   In the computer world, knowledge is key.  It always helps to learn about computers before jumping off the deep end to play where the viruses and hackers live.

The major item to remember about writing is that emotions cannot be seen as clearly on paper, or, on a tablet.  When someone speaks in front of an audience, emotions are seen in the face and are heard in the voice tone.  This does not occur with the written word.  So, people try to text emotions by using symbolism with capital letters and symbols such as happy faces, tears, broken hearts etc.. But, for those who are not completely familiar with traditional internet symbolism used by the texting world, even this falls short.  Yes, I will admit I need a texting dictionary, because I can’t understand my oldest daughters symbols.

Here is a hot button issue, texting can be rude. Why can it be rude?  Ok, texters, put yourself in the cafeteria line at work.  There are two guys in front of you talking about the big play from last night’s game.   They’re using their hands to describe their arguments.  That means they can’t pick up their food trays and move out of the way to let you pay for your food during your thirty-minute food break at work.  Unless you get these two guys to move on, you may only have a few minutes to eat before you have to get back to work.   How does it feel?   That is how some people feel about those two individuals at the front of the line each holiday season at the post office texting on their phones and not moving out of the way for the rest of the people in the line that goes outside of the building.

Finally, the last hot button issue is probably the most annoying for those who manage our texting habits a little better than others.  Please don’t wait for the state to pass a law requiring texters not to text and drive.  Just don’t do it.  I know.  I was young once.  I thought I could do everything at the same time that I drove a car.  It seemed so easy.  Then, I went off the road into the ditch in the snow and ice.  Texting and driving is a distraction.   Just pull over.  Yeah, you’ll lose a few minutes; but, you may get to save a life.

The only way a person can have a long and prosperous life is to practice habits that can get him there.  Otherwise, that person is just lucky.

Half-Full or Half-Empty

Are you half-full or half-empty? No, I’m not not talking about dinner. I am talking about life. I always considered myself to be half-full, ready for more of life’s energy.

It’s a need and a desire that moves me forward. It is stimulating.  For me, this energy can be obtained in the morning from the sun, from the water, from the air, from the sounds of nature and from the rest of God’s creations. It wakes a person up from a sound sleep. It energizes a person for the coming day.  It is nature’s alarm clock, with the bird’s singing, leaves rustling, the water going down the creek or river, and the surf hitting the rocks along the beach.

So, how does someone go from being half-empty of life to half-full of life. It is simple. A person must learn to enjoy life again. That is what this blog is about. How to enjoy life. How to look at a glass of water… the optimist…and then say…….the glass is half full. From that, a person can learn how to be full of life, and refill everyday.