Many Alaskans Don’t Like Slow Drivers Just Like They Don’t Want to be Taxed

If you are a newcomer to the big state of Alaska, welcome to the Last Frontier, where the bear, moose and people who like their guns like to play.

If you plan on driving in this big, big state, you will want to keep something in mind. Just like guns, people like their cars and trucks up here. They like how loud the engine gets when it can get on the open road. And, if you are driving too slow for them on their “open road” they will let you know.

The best thing Alaska could have ever done was to build as many four-lane roads as possible with their old 20th century oil money. They had milions and milions of dollars. If they had built these four-lane roads, Alaska motorists would not be reading signs today on all two-lane state highways that say “slower cars pull off to the side”, “passing lanes ahead”, “passing lane ending”, “do not pass slower cars on the left”, “do not drive on the shoulder”, “bike path ahead, do not drive on shoulder”, “the shoulder is not a right turn lane”, “pedestrian crossing ahead”, etc…

I know the state is not allowed to be subjective with its signage; but, if they could, it might make for some interesting reading. “Hey….You in the car with the Camera….You are driving way too slow……speed up….or pull off the road.” “Hey….You in the car…..Driving only 35 in a 55….You just got a ticket for going too slow.”

Now, the roads are so crowded, winter and summer, that cars cannot even make a right or left turn off a major road without the use of a traffic light to stop the flow of traffic in the other direction. People who need to just cross the street have to ask the lighting system to cross, so the traffic light can stop all of the traffic. In the summer, it can be like Dallas, up here.

So, Alaska is getting more people, and more traffic everywhere. More people means more services will be requested. More traffic may mean requests for more roads and road improvements. Here is the problem. The only item we are not getting is more revenue into the state coffers to help fix these issues. As one Alaskan put it years ago, “This state got spoiled by oil.” Now, that the oil tap is starting to run dry, everybody is asking, “Higher taxes; but, WHY?” Other Alaskans, many who are Republican or Libertarian, always say, “Why tax Alaskans, let’s tax the tourists?” (That usually comes from the Alaskans who want to be left alone.) Others want to cut, cut, cut, government spending. Others want to shut down parts of education funding and higher education funding.

Those who do support an income tax say it is needed to continue providing services to everyone. For the Alaskans who want public services, they have to be funded. That includes public education, higher education, health services, in-need services, public safety, state government, etc…

So, it is time for one of the youngest states to figure out how it plans to keep on being a state that can support itself. How can it keep its “Don’t Tread on Me” citizens happy? How can this big state keep all of its “Davy Crockett”, “John Wayne”, and “Amelia Earhart” citizens happy? How can it keep the newcomers of the 21st century happy? That will be a difficult task.

The “Don’t Tread On Me’s” basically came to disappear. Many of them are off the grid with their guns, dogs, log cabin that they built, animal hides on their walls from their hunts, their big fish catches on their walls, and a picture of their first plane that they learned how to fly that crashed somewhere in the state after everybody bailed out at the last minute into the snow.

The Davy Crockett’s are like the first group, except they work better with people. They are leaders with the same type of Alaska skills from the early days. They came here to help people who wanted to disappear. They were probably retailers.

John Wayne’s are the “Gotta Get It Done Guys”. In other words, they came here to help build everything in the state. Welders, truckers, pipeline workers, oilfield workers, shipping crews, fishermen, etc…..

The Amelia Earhart’s are the “Gotta Get It Gone Gals”. They did much of the same work as the Wayne’s over the years.

Now, all that this state needs is the Newcomers to find their new versions of Davy Crockett, John Wayne and Amelia Earhart to lead the Newcomers of this new century in the Last Frontier.