Alaska’s Other State Bird: The Mosquito

There is a reason people in Alaska want to wear long sleeves and jeans in the summer. They want to keep some of their blood. Because, by the month of the June, the insect that is often called Alaska’s “Other” State Bird has hatched and is looking for blood. The biggest mosquito anyone will ever see can be found in Alaska. This “thing” is all legs and wings.  It can be up to three or four inches tall, when Alaska is hit with quite a bit of moisture.

All of the tourism sites go out of their way to warn visitors about these “Creatures of the North”.   Some sites offer plenty of tips to avoid the bloodsuckers.  Some of these include:  cover up the arms and legs, if you plan on camping bring bug spray, bug zappers, and mosquito netting for your tents and RV’s.  If you plan on renting a cabin for a few weeks, mosquito netting around open doors and windows is good to keep pests outside.  These are just a few tips that can be found.

When everyone first sees these mosquitoes, they look really scary.  But, they  are really slow and easy to kill, because they are so darn big.  In a way, it reminds me of trying to kill a dragonfly with a rolled-up paper.   As long as everyone stays on the lookout for these overgrown pests, that is all they will be…a vacation pest.

It’s better than having to deal with the pests that haven’t made it up here, yet….like rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and mice.  But, we do have spiders, shrews, ants, squirrels, and robo-callers.  Have a good one, everyone.