One Sound I Miss Hearing in Alaska

Growing up in the Lower 48, right in the middle of Tornado Alley, every spring and summer I would hear the sound of mother nature bringing in the thunderstorms. It didn’t seem to scare me that much as a kid. I was always amazed how the sky would light up at night. I always enjoyed watching the lightning and hearing the thunder. I was always told, after the lightning strike, start counting, that would tell you how many miles the storm was from you.

Now, that my family lives in Alaska, we are away from severe weather and thunderstorms. There are some areas of the state that do experience some thunder and lightning, also some small hail on the really warm summer days. But those days are rare. Usually, the rain clouds are very dense from all of the moisture from the ocean and water-soaked land.

Now, when we make trips to the Lower 48, I have to explain to my kids that they are hearing thunder or seeing lightning. I remember first seeing all of this stuff as an infant. Kids who are in grade school, and just seeing this stuff, might be a little more scared. I wonder how an adult, who had never heard or seen thunder and lightning, would react to it for the very first time?

Even though I miss the sounds made by the storms, I certainly don’t miss the destruction. I remember telling myself decades ago, if I find work away from Tornado Alley, I think I might take it.

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