Keeping Tabs on Your Vitals

After I quit smoking over two decades ago, I told myself I would always do my best to keep track of my vital signs and keep track of my general health. During the 20th century, I had watched my friends and relatives who kept in good shape and those who were not able to stay in shape.

Twenty-years later, I’m glad that I did. These tools are a great investment. Here is what a person can do. First, anyone who wants to keep track of what they put into their body doesn’t need to buy anything but a tablet and a pencil. Nutrition information is out there for virtually everything. It doesn’t take that much research. If you need to find info on a food item….and what it contains try It has a huge database of food items, including fast foods.

An item to track your heart is a watch that also measures your pulse while you exercise. It can help someone reach their maximum heart rate when they workout. It also reminds someone not to overdo it.

Pedometers are great, as well. Especially for seniors, or for those who don’t run as much, anymore. Walking is a great exercise, and many people are surprised to learn how many steps they actually take everyday.

Other small tools to consider getting for the house are bathroom scales and blood pressure monitors. Just keeping tabs on your weight once a week or once a month let’s you know if you are eating something bad in your diet. Are you putting too much sugar in your coffee? Are you grabbing food on your way to work too often? It is just a simple way to stop a bad thing, before it gets out of control. I did it with sub sandwiches one time. Then, I tried to save money by making a homemade cappucino mix, instead of buying one at the store. Yeah, that took a few thousand miles of walking to fix. Not to mention a few pairs of tennis shoes.

As for the blood pressure monitor, I am still shopping for one of those. I don’t need one, yet. But, it’s better to start keeping track of your pressure before your doctor says you have to start. As long as you start somewhere with the vitals it will be in the right direction. Another piece of good advice is to keep an eye out for those free health fairs, too. They usually start up in the springtime, and offer all kinds of valuable health tips for free. Have a good one!