Quick Workouts Around the House

Not everyone has enough time to take advantage of a gym to get a few workouts in during each week. I am one of those people. So, over the years, I have created all kinds of exercise routines to try to stay at the same weight. It isn’t easy, though. I have to remind myself to exercise, just like reminding myself to drink more water.

So, what are some interesting ways to burn calories at home, and try to tone up a little bit of the body. After prepping and stretching out your body properly, put some hot water and dishwashing soap in the sink to wash and dry some dishes by hand, instead of the dishwasher. If it takes a while, grab a chair, and sit down for breaks for a few minutes to rest your back. By the time you’re done, you will have given your arms, shoulders and upper back a good workout. Just don’t overdo it too quickly.

If you have stairs, use them all of the time.  Find all kinds of ways to incorporate them into your weekdays and your weekends.  If you do, your legs and lower body may last longer as long as you don’t go full blast everytime.

Workplaces are telling everyone that they want to move away from sitting at desks too long.  The same is true at home.  I stand quite a bit when I eat in the kitchen.  It seems more comfortable.  I like counter space over table space, when I do any cooking, too.

Other quick tips to keep moving in the house:  play with your animals, keep up with your laundry, put away remotes for awhile, take walks outside, and go visit neighbors.