An Active Brain is a Healthy Brain

As people age, we start to quickly realize that we can no longer do certain activities as well as we did in our younger days. We can’t run that well. We are not quite as limber. We quickly get sore from exercising too long. Plus, we tend to forget things much more quickly. Yes, this is the aging process. I don’t like thinking about it, either.

Instead, I still enjoy those days when I can slow down the process a little bit. Experts say one way to keep a mind in great shape is to continue using it on a daily basis. Gerontology is described as the study of aging and older adults. Part of the overall study includes how aging impacts a person’s mental skills, such as memory, reasoning, problem-solving, etc…. Experts in this field say the seniors who actively learn new things, such as new hobbies, languages, sports, games, etc… are more likely to be more active in their later years than those who do not participate in new activities.

Another way to keep the brain active is to use it everyday with games such as crossword puzzles, wordfinds, sudoku, cryptograms, memory games and solitaire. These help in multiple ways; just like reading, writing and math.

One musician we lost a few years ago showed everyone how he was still able to battle Alzheimers and play his guitar. Glen Campbell was one of the best at the guitar during his prime. But, even during his last days on stage, he could still pick a pretty decent guitar with his youngest daughter by his side with the banjo. That just shows how music and learning musical instruments can only be good for all of us as we age. It keeps our brains active long past retirement by allowing us to enjoy songs we have listened to and played most of our lives.

Whatever the hobby, sport, craft, game or other fun activity it is, if it works the mind, it works as a way to enjoy our later years.