It Isn’t About Dieting. It’s about Eating Healthy.

With this new year comes the usual talk about diets. It’s time to diet because it is January. Well, if you want to live the rest of your life on a diet, I guess you should listen to the people selling those fad diets, low-calorie meals, and promises.

But, the truth is anyone will lose weight after they eliminate processed food, sugar, salt, fast-food, restaurant food, sugary drinks, and grocery store desserts and candy from their diet. All this food does to the body is destroy it. Think of it this way. What does your cat eat. Does his system handle the catfood pretty well? After you eat all of the food I listed above, what might happen to your system? I think the cat has a better diet.

Go back in time…..when many people were skinny. It was because they walked more. They had to walk to the bus, the train, their wagon, to get to work. How often are people sitting down in a chair or couch in a western movie or a photo from the 1800’s. What did these people eat? It wasn’t fast-food that’s for sure. What did they drink? I would guess tea, coffee, alcohol, or water.

When I started losing weight, I first eliminated what I knew caused my weight gain. I got rid of doughnuts in the morning. Then, I got rid of my cappuccino, and went back to straight coffee. When I had to eat away from home, I chose salads. I stopped my attraction to soda pop. I started drinking more water and tea. Then, my sugar fix became fruit instead of candy and sweets.

No, it wasn’t that easy. It took several years. It took a commitment and a determination that I would return to my college-time weight. With exercise everyday, a completely different menu for the food I eat daily, and by finding ways to stay busy, the weight has stayed off, so far.

For those who struggle with this issue…here’s two words: Stay positive!

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