January is Definately Winter Time

Now that the holidays have passed, its time for those cold winter months of January and February. It’s time to avoid those bitter cold days of winter by staying warm by the fireplace or stove inside. This is always my reading time.

However, sitting for too long is bad for your bones. So, the physical therapists and others say to get up for a few minutes before an hour passes. Here are some tips to help achieve that exercise time.

It’s Saturday morning. You have dishes to do. The dishwasher is running with yesterday’s dishes. So, you still have some more to do. But, you don’t want to use all of the hot water. Guess what you can do. Make hot water by heating it up in a pan. Then, pour the warm to hot water in your sink. Put some of the dirty dishes in the water to soak with some dishwashing soap for about an hour. That will make the cleaning easier.

While you are up, check the laundry. Do any clothes need put away or put in the dryer. Check the hamper. If the washer is empty, do some laundry that can be washed in cold water.

Do you have pets? Check their food and water. Just like humans, animals need quite a bit of water, too.

These are just a few of the many things that could be part of a “TO DO” list that a person can make to keep those bones active from time to time. It does help.

Other ideas that help with staying active include:

1) Don’t use the living room area as the dining room area.

2) Put all magazines and books in shelves that are away from the seats.

3) Take all dishes and glasses back to the kitchen sink area.

4) Put dirty clothes hampers or bags in every bedroom, and use them.

5) Put a broom in every room; and, teach everyone how to sweep.

6) Pick up your trash.

7) In this age of home deliveries, get a container for cardboard. Break the cardboard down everyday.

8) If you have kids, work with them on “Pick Up, Clean Up.” There are plenty of resources like PBSKids, Sesame Street, etc…. to help them learn.

9) Shoe racks and shoe warmers are great for the cold states. If you get snow in the winter time, you will want them.

These are just a few ideas to help someone stay active during the cold months, and still get in some exercise.