Remember Those Less Fortunate This Season

As everyone makes last trips to the stores this holiday season, remember those who cannot make it to the store quite as easy as everyone else to make those special Christmas purchases. They have fallen on hard financial times, been hit with big bills, bad health, bad debt, unemployment, or any of those negative items that have hit us all at one time or another in our lives. We’ve been there……we know how it feels. And, it feels nice, when there are people around us willing to share.

But, the most important item I remember about giving at the holiday season, was how important the message was about being thankful and grateful. Also, I remember the phrase, “Pass it On.”

It isn’t about being able to tell your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc…. that you did this wonderful thing. It is that wonderful feeling you get when you see how your giving of time, giving of labor, giving of friendship, or just giving of a few dollars, can completely change a person’s perspective about the holidays. A person does it because it is in his or her heart to do it, and, that person wants to help others out who aren’t as fortunate, this year. Whenever, I put in a little bit of help…..remembering those times that I have received help in my life…..I try to say “Pass it On” whenever I can.