The Season for Snow

Tis the Season for Snow.

Which, as you know,

Means a new season for drivers who can’t drive slow.

So, here’s a tip for those who want to avoid a pain in the hip,

because there will be less in their wallet stash, if one of those

fast drivers finds their ride and they collide.

On those last few days to find those perfect Christmas gifts

Find some of your friends and give each other lifts.

That means safer travel when ice and snow are on top of the gravel.

When you can get a good workout by walking to where you need to go,

Don’t forget your water bottle, or you might find yourself needing to eat some snow.

Dress in layers everytime you go out, and in colors so drivers can spot you out.

Yes, tis the season for snow, family and fun. Make sure to have some.