Make Your House a Temporary Fitness Gym

Because I live miles away from any type of fitness center, I have made our home my fitness place to a certain extent. I have learned how to keep my weight steady by burning enough calories around the house each day through exercise, housework, and just basic walking.

The main key is try not to stay seated too long. Remember to get up every hour and walk around for a little while. Play with the kids and the dogs and cats. I take care of our youngest son. So, with breakfast, clean-up time, school time, chore time, etc….there are plenty of things to keep me busy with him. He is a big help with the exercise routine.

Another routine I have started is to do dishes by hand. That routine works my shoulders, hands and arms. The only negative would be the strain on my back sometimes when I do it for too long.

The third item for the routine is laundry. We have two floors. So, the stairs come into play. I make it a point to go up and down those stairs at least 20 times a day. It feels good on the legs. Another part of this involves carrying laundry from each of the rooms, whether downstairs or upstairs. That is where more calories get burned.

The next part of the workout involves drying dishes and cooking. More calories get burned in the kitchen with all of that cabinet and stove work. Plus, its more workout time for the legs, shoulders and arms.

If a person really wants to get serious about turning a day of housework, chores, cleaning, cooking and other activities into a “day at the gym”, there are several websites that can be found that have calculated how many calories get burned for specific activities around the house. These are great tools for people wanting to keep track of those numbers. One that I located years ago is still around at

Most of the calculators are free to use on the web. However, the sites do want people to sign up for their programs. So, before using the calculator, check out the site to make certain it isn’t a purchase. I never had to buy anything from the websites that I visited.

So, as winter gets closer and snow and ice starts messing up driving for some on certain days……make your house the substitute gym.