It’s Time For a Little Kindness

The title to this brief write says it best. Yes, just like the song voiced by the late Glen Campbell, “Try a Little Kindness” fits for this week. Like the song says, if you see someone needing a little help, try a little kindness. You never know how far that kindness may travel.

It may be the opening of a door for someone whose hands are full. It may be giving up your space in line at the grocery store for someone walking with a cane. Maybe you left the house early for work and have more time than usual to get to work. This opens the door for a little kindness…like not rushing to work….giving other drivers a little space….not cutting out in front of any other drivers to get to work faster.

These are just a few examples of kindness. What about saying hello to someone today…even if you don’t even know them. How about saying hello to the people you work with everyday. When was the last time you said thank you to people who brought a delivery to you, or to the bus driver that takes your kids to school every weekday. What about the teachers and crossing guard people at your children’s school. These are just a few ways to show a little kindness on a daily basis to help put a few more smiles on people’s faces……and maybe get rid of a few frowns. Stay happy everyone.