Never Stop Walking

To this day I still remember some of my longest walks that I have ever taken. I love looking back at them. They are like mileposts as part of my life. They represent accomplishments, turning points and personal achievements.

One of the reasons they are an accomplishment is because they have now replaced my unhealthy years of cigarette smoking. Even though I walked and exercised while I was a smoker in my late teens, twenties, and early thirties, I didn’t truly benefit from my exercising until my lungs were clear again. Oh, it felt great to work out again as an adult free of coughing.

Walking as an activity came when the direction of my life was changing. I began walking quite a bit in school, and, even more in college. Walking became a daily occurrence in my summers as a teenager playing sports and working each day.

But, the minute I got a job that required me to sit at a desk, boom…….no more walking. Who knew? All I know, is that my lack of walking changed me in some ways. I wasn’t as happy or ready to start a new day. I seemed tired and lacking energy.

Years later, pounds later, and a job, or two, later, I started finding jobs without desks, again. My legs and my body said, “Thank You.” The walking got me back on my feet, back in shape, back in a better mood, and back to life. Whew, much better………….I’m walking……Yes, indeed, I’m walking, again. I am happy, again. I am in shape, again.

So….the next time someone tells you to take a hike. Tell them, Thank You, for thinking about my good health. Have a good one.