How Music Comforts a Tired Mind

When I was young, I lost my vision in my left eye. After it was gone, something interesting occurred to my other senses. Each of them became more sensitive to what was taking place around me. My hearing seemed to improve over time. And, with that improved hearing, came a better understanding of music. I could hear more clearly. Music became a major part of my life, because I would enjoy listening to it.

As decades have passed, I have learned how music can relax the mind. When I was in my thirties, I decided it was time to stop smoking. I knew that I would need every possible tool to stop. So, I used the nicotine gum, meditation, relaxation, music, and it worked over time.

In today’s world, whenever stress creeps into my life as it did in the 20th century, I return to those tools used to stop smoking. I get into a relaxing position, close my eyes, grab the earphones, and turn on the tunes that let me escape.

For every person, the type of music is different. For me, I listen to “happy” tunes. I want to reach that happy place. On one day I tell myself, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”…….its time to feel some…..”Good Vibrations”…… I go…..”Back Home Again”.

Then, on another day, it will be a day for sailing away to find a calm relaxing place. Natasha Bedingfield calls it a “Pocket Full of Sunshine.” On another day, music from country artists and R&B artists hit the spot.

This relaxation technique is also introducing me to other types of music for my library.  So, my suggestion to everyone who may feel a bit stressed or angry is to take a deep breath or two……turn on some tunes……and maybe it can help turn off the stress.