Friends: Don’t Leave Without Them.

Friends are like family and the people you work with on a daily basis.  They make up the thread that stitches together your long-term memories within your life.  Whenever you look back on your life, how often do you remember those friends, when you remember the good times that you had?  Are those friends still a part of your life today?  As I continue to get a little older, I look back in time and make attempts to keep in touch with some of my friends from the past.  But, just as important, I want to increase the number of friends that I have today.

For some, making new friendships are very difficult.  For others, they are very easy.  I see both examples in my kids.  While my oldest son tends to step back a little bit before introducing himself to everyone in the room.  My youngest son brings the room of people to him and makes it his audience.  Yes, he is the “story-teller”, and, he wants to tell that story to everyone in the room.

So, what are the benefits of making new friends?  Experts say that people who avoid others are short-changing themselves in the game of life.   They may have a family, and a spouse, and an extended family.  All of these are good.  But, according to the experts in sociology and psychology, humans need more outside inter-action between people who are not family. No matter how small this verbal interaction may be, it is still beneficial for humans.

I remember a previous time in my life where work and a need for money interfered with the number of friends I had around me at the time.  I had to work two jobs before I was married.   At one job, I worked by myself all night long at a radio station producing commercials and other recordings.  I would go home, sleep for eight hours, and then work another six hours at a grocery store in the evening before working at the station the next night.  I think what helped me the most was having the grocery store job in the evening, where I would be around people.    But, it was very difficult to have much of a social life. I eventually was promoted from the overnight shift at the station into the daytime and evening.  My sleep deprivation ended, my social life improved, and I didn’t need the second job anymore.  But, having that tough of a schedule and very little recreation left its mark on me.  I wouldn’t do it again.

Everyone needs rest and relaxation.  They need to feel recharged when they go back to work.  Having friends to help with the rest and relaxation gets people back to that important point of feeling recharged for the new week.   Other ways to recharge are through projects at home with family, games, reading, walking, meditating, enjoying music, enjoying the weather, or enjoying a hobby.  Take your pick.