Half-Full or Half-Empty

Are you half-full or half-empty? No, I’m not not talking about dinner. I am talking about life. I always considered myself to be half-full, ready for more of life’s energy.

It’s a need and a desire that moves me forward. It is stimulating.  For me, this energy can be obtained in the morning from the sun, from the water, from the air, from the sounds of nature and from the rest of God’s creations. It wakes a person up from a sound sleep. It energizes a person for the coming day.  It is nature’s alarm clock, with the bird’s singing, leaves rustling, the water going down the creek or river, and the surf hitting the rocks along the beach.

So, how does someone go from being half-empty of life to half-full of life. It is simple. A person must learn to enjoy life again. That is what this blog is about. How to enjoy life. How to look at a glass of water…..be the optimist…and then say…….the glass is half full. From that, a person can learn how to be full of life, and refill everyday.